A positive impact on sustainability and animal welfare with a smaller environmental footprint


About Us

Real Food For Real People

MODERN MEAT is disrupting the food industry by providing a healthier more sustainable alternative to traditional meat products.
Our products are plant-based and were created to fill the gap for those wanting a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Our plant-based meat products are rich in protein derived from plants and are soy-free, gluten-free with no-GMO’s.
MODERN MEAT products are accessible and have a nutritional edge. Consumers today are more health conscious than ever before so we are driven to create healthy alternatives and promote eating more whole foods in our diets, avoiding the processed picks.
We recognize the need to move away from animal products due to the environmental and health implications.
We Are Responsible, Progressive, Enterprising, Ambitious.


The MODERN MEAT burger is rich in protein derived from plants not animals and our taste rivals that of traditional meat products but with less health implications

Meet Our Team

Tara Haddad, CPA-CA


Ms. Haddad is an accountant and entrepreneur who has over twenty years of experience building successful companies in the public and private sector. She previously worked at Ernst and Young where she managed sectors in audit, tax and risk management. Currently, Tara provides strategic consulting to multiple companies, evaluating financial operations and overall corporate strategy. She also oversees large scale, high value property transactions, while creating companies that are viable and have a strong ethical mission for eduction, health and the environment. Tara was the Founder and CEO of Aspire Learning Centre, an educational development company focused on math and language arts, before its successful buyout. Currently, she is a mentor in the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Program (FWE), where she is an advocate for women in leadership roles. Tara holds a CPA-CA designation with a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University.

Cassidy McCord

Director, Strategic Sales and Account Manager

Ms. McCord is a up-and-coming business woman who has amassed a multitude of operational and capital markets experience. She most recently managed and led operations for several private entities. Her specialities include corporation reorganization, and cost efficiency analysis of operating entities. She has a personal and vested interest in health and nutrition.

The Chefs

Chef Kayla Dhaliwal

Chef Kayla Dhaliwal completed her training at Vancouver Community College and has worked as a chef for over 13 years. Her passion for the culinary arts began at an early age. At 17, she worked as a cook at a retirement home and since then she has worked in fine dining, casual diners, hotels and catering. She owned and operated her own establishments in between being recruited for menu development and Executive Chef positions across Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Chef Kayla was a contestant on Top Chef Canada Season 3 in 2013. She is currently Corporate Chef with the fastest growing hospitality groups in the country, JRG, managing menu development for Meal Ticket Brands and Glass House Estate Winery. Chef Kayla developed one of the first recipes for the Modern Meat burger in 2019.

Chef Dino Renearts

Dino Renaerts has firmly established himself as one of the west coast’s culinary leaders. Renaerts completed his education and training in Vancouver and has built a prolific career spanning over two decades that has seen him cook in a clutch of the city’s finest restaurants. Today, Renaerts applies his talent and passion to his role as partner in The Bon Vivant Group, serving discerning clientele across the province. He also is currently is tasked to create new products for The Modern Meat. Studies at the Dubrulle French Culinary School and a three-year apprenticeship at the William Tell led to roles at Bishop’s and Le Gavroche. He later accepted executive chef positions at the Crown Plaza Hotel Georgia and the Metropolitan Hotel, home to the acclaimed Diva restaurant. Chef Dino was challenged to concieve serveral products for Modern Meat which will be launched in 2020.

Chef Curated

MODERN MEAT products are created in a kitchen by experienced Chefs not produced in a laboratory. We are MODERN MEAT