The Modern Meat development teams has been hard at work creating new delicious, plant-based products for you and your family. Our new products look better, cook better and taste better!


Modern Meat offers a range of 100% plant-based meat alternatives and accompanying sauces. Our products are created by chefs and made in our North Vancouver kitchen facility. We pride ourselves on creating products that are high in protein, vegan and don’t compromise on taste.

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A Canadian company

Modern Meat is a Vancouver-based company with products now available from 80+ locations across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

See what our customers had to say

"Delicious is the best way to describe these. Nice texture and great flavour. Cook slowly on Med heat for best results. The tarragon remoulade is the perfect pairing to these!" - Jeffrey
Modern 'Crab' Cake
"Had these 2 nights ago and absolutely love it! I love the ingredients the taste, the easy cooking instructions - I can't wait for this company to grow! It is just wow!" - Rachael
Modern Crumble
"I’m needing to jump in and say that these were very unique. I’ve made many pasta dishes in my day and not of them were as healthy as this one. I paired them with a rose tomato sauce that was gluten free and contained coconut milk. Garlic, onion,red pepper, Italian seasoning, more garlic, organic tomatoes and paste, with gluten free pasta. Parmesan grated over this and it was fantastic!" - Al
Modern Meatballs
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