Veganuary Series: Meet Cassidy & Chris

Now that you’ve learned all about Veganuary, it’s time for you to meet the team! During this month, you will meet the Modern Meat team members who have pledged to join the Veganuary challenge along with you! Today, we will meet Cassidy and Chris and learn about their thoughts and expectations going into Veganuary! In a few weeks, we will check back with them to see how they’re feeling and what fun recipes they’ve been cooking up in the kitchen!

Vegan Hors D’oeuvres For Your Virtual New Year’s Eve

The year 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We are all ready for it to be over and look forward to celebrating a virtual New Year’s Eve! While 2021 won’t magically solve 2020’s problems, ringing in the New Year will mark the end of a downhill battle and instill much-needed hope for our future. Whether you will be celebrating with family or over zoom, vegan hors d’oeuvres are a must for New Year’s Eve. We have compiled some of our favourite vegan hors d’oeuvres recipes to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

lettuce tacos

Modern Meat Invites You To Take On The Veganuary Challenge

Happy Almost New Year! The New Year is quickly approaching, and we know you’re thinking of those resolutions! January is the perfect month to reset, set goals, and tackle them head-on. As a team, Modern Meat has pledged to join the Veganuary challenge, a month of eating only plants. We invite you to join the challenge and follow our team’s month-long journey.

Modern Meat Wins Gold

Starting a new company and navigating the challenges that come along with it can be overwhelming, Modern Meat was fortunate to have a guiding hand in Good to Grow. This company offers a multitude of resources from workshops, networking trade shows, coaching as well as providing industry expertise through the various stages of a start-up food manufacturer. 

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