How You Can Have A Vegan Easter in Vancouver

Easter is almost here, which means there is a lot of holiday planning to do! While Easter may be known for pork, roast chicken, lamb, and milk chocolate, it is now easier than ever to prepare and enjoy a vegan Easter in Vancouver. Easter is about family, and sharing love through food, so it’s important to get this right! Keep reading to find out how you can have a vegan Easter in Vancouver.

1. Vegan Easter treats


It goes without saying that Easter and chocolate go hand in hand. There are plenty of excellent vegan chocolate options out there. One of our favourites is ZIMT chocolate. To celebrate the holidays, they are offering a special Easter chocolate appropriately named: Somebunny To Love.

At Modern Wellness Bar, there are plenty of different vegan chocolate and candy options. We love PUKKA and SmartSweets! You can also find a variety of Modern Wellness Bar gummies that are sweet, delicious, and plant-based. Come stop by for a visit for the perfect Easter treat options!

2. Make your own Vegan Easter Eggs


It’s always fun to get crafty during the Holidays. Making chocolate Easter eggs is a classic family activity that can easily be done with or without an egg mould. Don’t have a mould? Check out ‘How to make chocolate easter egg with a balloon’ below on how to make the perfect Easter eggs using balloons! Simply use one of the vegan chocolates mentioned in section 1.

3. But what about Easter Sunday Lunch?


An Easter feast cannot be complete without a vegan roast and apple pie for dessert! We know it can be overwhelming to plan, shop, and cook the perfect feast, so we’re bringing Vegan Easter to you! If you’re in the Vancouver area, we have the perfect treat for you. Our chefs have created an artisan plant-based roast filled with stuffing to fulfill all of your holiday cravings. On top of that, we’ve partnered with Tartistes to bring you the most delicious hand-crafted vegan apple pie. 


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